One of the latest products developed by ENARLUX is the Moon Light IP65, a professional product range of outdoor lighting and area lighting, with dimensions of 642 * 260 * 125mm and 800 * 790 * 235mm which varies depending on the power. This luminaire stands out for its properties; Its aluminum casting creates a perfectly homogenous visual effect, the aluminum structure allows fast cooling of the chip, great efficiency in conducting heat, a great performance in thermal dissipation and its asymmetric photometry.

Moon light IP65

A luminaire with led technology specially designed for decorative lighting of facades. Presented in different powers and photometries to suit any application: large masts lighting and lighting architectural elements (facades, bridges and monuments). It is a luminaire specially designed to highlight the structures and historical heritage of cities in a stimulating, inspiring and attractive way.
Compact and essential design, specifically designed to facilitate installation and maintenance guaranteeing minimal visual impact, reducing light pollution. High technological content that allows installation in multiple accessories, to ensure correct lighting scenarios in all types of external spaces.

Constant luminous flux emission, communication support via PLC cable, DMX and wireless communication using Zigbee and WIFI It is characterized by its light source and drivers that can be replaceable.

This focus presents a high optical innovation offers multiple solutions available, guarantees uniformity, cleaning in the light beam, and increases the visual comfort offering great benefits.
With all its components manufactured in aluminum extrusion a product is achieved, which optimizes its technological properties of watertightness and dissipation of its cooling casing, increases its useful life up to 100,000 hours.

Moon Light Technical characteristics

  • Electrical Specifications

The Moon Light technology has a voltage (V): 90 ~ 305V AC, frequency (Hz): 50-60 Hz, a Power Factor (PF):> 0.95, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD%): <20% y A Protection class: I, II.

  • Moon Light IP65Light Specifications

The efficiency of the luminous system is (Lm / W): 125 lm / W ± 10%, a Chromatic Reproduction Index (CRI> Ra):> 80, correlated color temperature (CCT ºK): 3000K ~ 6500K, one Standard deviation of color (SDCM): <5, Diffusion Index (UGR): <15, the type of light distribution is Asymmetric with an extensive light angle types I, II and an upper hemispherical flow installed (FHSinst) of 0.

Moon Light IP65

  • Component Specifications

This luminaire features intelligent technology, LedBypass protection and overheating protection. The LEDs are SMD, marking a maximum luminous efficiency of 160 Lm / W.

The driver (Mean Well) is external, but totally isolated with an IP: 65 and a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. This driver has intelligent electronics with surge protection and overload and short circuit protection and folback thermal control.

Moon Light IP65

These luminaires with intelligent LED technology are especially suitable for lighting large areas. Presented in different powers and photometries to suit any application.