Temperature scale photo

Temperature scale

What is color temperature of a light source? Is the temperature of an ideal black-body radiator that radiates light of comparable hue to that light source. Color temperature is conventionally stated in the unit of absolute temperature, the Kelvin(K)

Another definition would be, the sensation we perceive through our eyes before a light source

Color temperature is something really important for any activity, depending how are its values, can affect positively or negatively. It has influence in concentration, efficiency and also in a good rest.

For this reason, there are recomendations about how color temperature should be used in each case.

Types of lights depending its color temperature:


Warm light or Ambar:

Color temperature between 2600ºK and 3400ºK. Is recommended for boutiques and restaurants, its warmness is suitable for this kind of business where people interact with each other, and there is a friendly, intimate, personal or exclusive ambient.

Neutral light or Yellow:

Color temperature around 3500ºK. Is recommended for reception areas, exhibition rooms or libraries. This light is more natural as its name suggests. Is more appropiate for observe pieces of art or take a look at books for example, in a nice and friendly ambient.

Cold light or Blue:

Color temperature between 3600ºK and 4900ºK. Is recommended for conference rooms, schools, shops or offices. This light gives sensation of more luminosity, so is the most suitable for places where take place activities that requires more attention, avoiding eyestrain, creates a fresh, clean and efficient ambient.


Color temperature of 5000ºK or more. This color temperature is equivalent to daylight. This kind of light gives more luminosity sensation that cold light, so is appropiate for activities that require a huge attention like printing  or any that take place in a hospital. Also are used in jewelries to highlight their products. Creates an impersonal, dynamic and clean ambient.


 Ways to acclimate our home:



Warm light would be the most suitable option in order to rest properly.

Bedroom photo


Living room:

A place where you could rest and also watch TV, neutral light would be the best option.

Living room photo

Living room

Bathroom or kitchen:

Places where the activities that take place require more attention, the cold light is the solution.

Bathroom photo

Bathroom photo


Kitchen photo



In a house would be the most successful choice to highlight a specific area of the house, a room, part of it or  a place where is done any activity that demands a great attention.


Would you consider these recommendations henceforth if you have to acclimate your house or business?