Lighting level or lighting intensity is really important.

A bad lighting can be harmful and also  cause of headaches, eyestrain  (do any task without a proper lighting can damage sight irreversibly) stress etc.

So,  do any activity in inappropiate lighting conditions will reduce significantly the quality of the tasks we have to carry out.

The best choice you can find in the market, is LED lighting. Is the more efficient option, it gives 20% more ilumination and a 40% saving in economic terms.

After noting the necessity of having a proper lighting level, we are going to see which lighting intensity is appropiated in schools and in each of its rooms.

Classrooms: Places in schools, where most of classes take place, and professor teaches his students using a blackboard, a computer and audiovisual material. In this case lighting intensity recommened is between 400 and 600 luxes.

LibrariesUsed for reading and studying, here  lighting level recommended is 700 luxes.

Laboratories: Room used for experiments in science subjects. Lighting intensity recommened is 1000 luxes.

Halls and TheatersPlaces where scholar ceremonies and theater plays are held. Lighting level recommened is between 300 and 500 luxes.

Art and drawing classrooms: Rooms dedicated to draw and art activities. The lighting intensity recommened is 1500 luxes.

Passageways: Halls and lobbies 100 luxes and stairs between 100 and 200 luxes.

Dining rooms and kitchens: In dining rooms a lighting intensity between 150 and 300 luxes will be enough. But in kitchens recommened lighting level is 700 luxes.

Gymnasiums and sport facilitiesFor gymnasiums or sport facilities  lighting level recommened is between 250 and 500 luxes.


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