In 2003 the European directive for explosive atmospheres ATEX ( French Atmosphères Explosibles ) entered into force , which requires to acquire a series of equipment and an environment suitable for the development of activities in potentially explosive atmospheres. Among this equipment are ATEX luminaires.

An explosive atmosphere is meant any environment where flammable substances in the form of gas , dust or vapor , which only need a small source of ignition to cause an explosion.

explosion proof floodlight

Why “Explosion Proof”?

ATEX classified floodlights exhibit greater strength than lighting equipment as well as a completely sealed housing.

This design responds to a need for resistance to explosions and impacts of all kinds in this type of environment where explosive atmospheres may occur, allowing the floodlight to continue operating.

Its main function is to assure that the lighting continues, even if there is a possible explosion, ensuring the safety in case of evacuation.

For anti – explosion reference to any type of electrical ignition that may be not spread beyond the focus it is also made. Explosion-proof Enarlux Led Lighting products are listed with type of protection “d” or flameproof coating , which has a corrosion resistant and housing ( WF2 ) which allows to contain the flames of a possible explosion.

All have a high rate of protection IP66 (total protection against dust and flood or powerful jets of water) and high light efficiency through the use of LED technology. The color of the lighting is cold white ( 6000K ) and life expectancy of 50,000 hours.


How to choose an ATEX floodlight?

When choosing a product designed to operate in explosive atmospheres must be taken into account a number of key parameters:

– The type of area. It depends on the frequency with which explosive atmospheres and their duration are formed.

– Temperature range. Designates safety equipment temperature range relative to the ignition temperature of the materials to which it is exposed ( T6 in the case of Enarlux ) .

– Group. Depending on the level of protection against explosion risks. Group I is for equipment and protective systems for underground mining or surface mining areas in which they may have explosive gas mixtures and dust. The group II refers to other devices and protective systems intended for use in the presence of explosive atmosphere ( the case of outbreaks of Enarlux ) .

– Category. Our floodlight belong to category II . The floodlight of this category shall be intended for use in an environment in which it is likely the formation of explosive atmospheres caused by gases , vapors, mists or dust.

– Maximum surface temperature of the device ( 95 th in our pockets ) .

– G (gas ) indicates the degree of protection against gases, subdiviéndose in A, B or C as flammable gas that is the (B in the case of outbreaks of Enarlux ) .

– D ( dust / powder) degree of protection from dust flammability . In this case belonging to group C.