What are they?

Different to conventional bulbs and fluorescents, and as many other electronic devices, some LED are not directly connected to the power source and need a transformer or driver. (But don’t worry because most of them do have it incorporated)

This driver takes care of transforming the tension received and adapt it to the LED light needs.

Why are drivers needed to make a LED work?

Usually LEDs work with direct current (DC), so if we want it to work in a alternative current (AC) installation, we need one of this drivers that converses this current and also reduces voltage.

LEDs are sensible to current alterations. It is necessary a driver to stabilize the tension, which at the same time, stabilizes the luminous flow (color and intensity). That is why this driver is essential.

Where are this drivers installed?

Depending on the size, some of the lights have it incorporated and others have it external.

In high power LEDs, lights and industrial applications, this drivers are usually external and they regulate the tension. External drivers have the advantage of being easy to change, but the guarantee should be the same for both.

This drivers are crucial for the LED lighting, to achieve all its efficiency during its life.

What do you think? are this drivers something to think about before changing to a LED illumination?