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You have probably heard before what a LED is, or a little history about them. The many uses LED tech has but, do you know how they work? We are going to try explain in a good easy way. How they work. The basics of LED tech is based inLeer Más
Reactive power beer analogy photo
Reactive power: What is it? Sure you have heard about it, but maybe you have searched in the Internet and found that every explanation about reactive power is very technical. We all tend to think that the more our electronics work, it will cost us more in our electrical bill,Leer Más
Bulbs photo
Basic illumination concepts you should know We are already experts in illumination, but we sure consider you should also have some clear basic concepts about the science of light. Here we explain some. Luminous Intensity. We are talking about the amount of light seen on a surface. This flow produces aLeer Más
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