Enarlux received the award for mencion enarlux feria construcción cubathe best quality with the Modular LED Lighting System High Performance in the category of “Systems and Technologies” in FECONS. The modular system is suitable for street lighting with high efficiency and high performance and is suitable for road and street lighting. The International Construction Fair will be held from 5 to 9 April in Havana and was organized by the Ministry of Construction of Cuba.

Enarlux was part of the act to establish itself as a leader in the energy sector thanks to careful brand image and quality. Led exhibited its range of products which are energy efficient and contribute to energy savings. This company is responsible for conducting audit processes, selection and manufacturing control, performing the choice of the best components and thus achieved ensure the quality of products. It also has certifications and highest quality standards. It is becoming more necessary the introduction of LED lighting in homes and in industrial applications, such as offices, restaurants, hotels, shops and other public sectors. Enarlux specializes in public lighting of large dimensions. With the installation of its lighting articles, it collaborates with the environment and achieved considerable savings on the electricity bill.

In FECONS it has consolidated the international presence of Enarlux, since in the fair participated many businessmen from 29 countries sector. His growth as a company is increasing and the proof is the prize. According to the report of the Spanish Embassy, net interest income increased reaching 33 195 stands and getting more participants. In addition, they intervened five more than in the previous edition countries. Spain was the country with the most participants since 57 Spanish companies met in FECONS, with 35% of all foreign firms exhibiting. It was recognized by the Organizing Committee with the award for “most represented country.” Subjects who took center stage at the event were the management and project management, management of construction services, solutions and development in building design, construction materials and production technology. He also spoke about technology and building systems for housing and social works, hydraulic technology, asphalt and concrete mortars and rehabilitation and maintenance of constructive heritage.